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I am currently using paid membership pro as a plugin for my WordPress site. I have added in new fields by going into the functions.php file in the file manager. The new fields have successfully shown on the registration page and the user profile page. I am trying to have these new fields appear in the “memberlist.csv” file when exported. On this page : it shows that I need to add “memberslist.csv => true” to the added field. This is what I added in the functions.php file:

//define the fields
$fields = array(); $tshirt = new PMProRH_Field("tshirt", "select", array( 'label' => 'T-shirt Size: ', 'options' => array('xsmall' => 'XSmall', 'small' => 'Small', 'medium' => 'Medium', 'large' => 'Large', 'xlarge' => 'XLarge', 'xxlarge' => 'XXLarge'), 'class' => 'tshirt', 'profile' => true, 'required' => 'true', 'memberslistcsv' => 'true' ));pmprorh_add_registration_field("after_password", $tshirt);

This did not affect the csv file. Is there any other way to add these new fields to the memberlist csv?

Read more here: paid membership pro memberlist-csv.php

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