Paid Membership Pro Plugin 7 Day Free Trial Issue

I know most people on here are probably experts and developers. Hopefully you won’t feel this question is too easy, and I hope you can help or answer.

I am thinking of becoming a paying customer of Paid Membership Pro, the wordpress membership plugin. I have installed the plugin, the free version of Paid Members Pro. However, there is one thing stopping me moving on to “paid version”. I want my memberships to have a monthly payment and I want the first 7 days of the membership to be a free trial. After the first 7 days is over I want the first payment to be taken, then every month from there on. The problems is I can’t figure out how to do this on “Paid Membership Pro”.

I am trying to decide between Paid Membership Pro and MemberPress. I have been watching videos for both. On the MemberPress the videos show you how to do this extremely easily. Its so easy to do on MemberPress. Like this:

But for whatever reason I cannot find the video or figure out how to do this simple thing on PaidMembershipPro? I would prefer to buy Paid Membership Pro instead of MemberPress because it seems to have more features and it seems to connect with more solutions I would be using. So if I could figure this one thing out it would be a great help to me.

So to summarise, I want to know how I can setup a plan on “Paid Members Pro” where payment is taken monthly, e.g $10 a month, the first 7 days is free, after the first 7 days is over, if they don’t cancel it charges them $10, and it will continue charging them $10 a month until they cancel. Almost exactly the same as many sites that have membership. This is “how to” question. I have emailed Paid Membership Pro and they have not replied yet, but I am have been waiting a while and I can’t use their forums because I am not a “paying” customer yet!

Please help if you can?

Thank you.

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