Parent theme styles overriding child theme CSS


I am having some trouble getting my child theme to work perfectly. I have successfully created a child theme based on the Flexia theme. I have made child themes before but not come across this issue before. I have also had a look at the similar questions about child themes not overriding the parent theme, but I’m afraid I’m still stuck.

I think (although I am not sure the issue may be that the Flexia theme has multiple css-files, but I’m not sure how to address that in the functions.php.

This is the CSS from my child theme:

This is the CSS that is overriding my child theme:

However, this is the CSS that I have linked to in the functions file:

This is what my functions.php looks like:

So my issue is that while the child theme CSS is working in come instances, in others it is only pulling from the parent CSS, but only the one under framework/assets/site/css/ , as the parent root CSS is empty.

The site is currently in maintenance mode but let me know if you need any more info at all. Any tips or ideas would be much appreciated, been staring at this for way to long now.

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