I’m trying to setup an affiliate tracking code so that I know how much to pay affiliates for the sales they bring to my site: Here is the tracking URL

<img src="https://shareasale.com/sale.cfm?amount=AMOUNTOFSALE&tracking=TRACKINGNUMBER&transtype=TYPEOFTRANSACTION&merchantID=XXXX" width="1" height="1">

The shopping cart I am using is Woocommerce and I’m trying to figure out what Woocommerce variables to put in place of: AMOUNTOFSALE , TRACKINGNUMBER, TYPEOFTRANSACTION.

Thanks for help (and yes I know shareasale has a woocommerce plugin for this but it only works with the default woocommerce thank you page which I don’t use)

Read more here: Passing Woocommerce Order/checkout variables to tracking URL


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