PayPal API: Sandbox Notifications on Completed

I’m setting up a service using the WordPress platform that handles both one-time and recurring payments using the PayPal API. My initial test of the one-time system garnered notifications in both my Buyer and Faciliator accounts. Now, however, when testing either one-time or recurring payments, I get no notifications. The transaction shows completed, but nothing appears in the PayPal Developer site’s Sandbox notifications area. Here’s what the service returns from the API curl execution:

array(6) {
  string(17) "2RH00821X8505444L"
  string(9) "COMPLETED"
  array(6) {
    string(6) "100.00"
    string(32) ""
    string(5) "false"
    string(25) "1299-2017-05-12T17:53:56Z"
    string(7) "SERVICE"
    string(13) "4UY5S5W59FHN4"
  string(5) "false"
  string(17) "3E141636AX513663W"
  string(9) "COMPLETED"

Is there a bug or delay involved with Sandbox notifications? Have I missed setting a flag in my API call?

Read more here: PayPal API: Sandbox Notifications on Completed

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