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I have made a multi-author web
The permalink of each author is

I installed the ultimate member plugin. Your permalink for the author is:

There is an option to redirect the link from author to user. That’s fine, because that way the links are redirected to the profile of the author (page of ultimate member).

There is a problem. The seo positions me the permalink, and I have no option to position

So I want to change the permalink from “author” to “user”.

I have introduced this:
Add_filter (‘init’, create_function (‘$ a’, ‘global $ wp_rewrite; $ wp_rewrite-> author_base = “user”; $ wp_rewrite-> flush_rules ();’));

So the author / thomas permalink changes to user / thomas. But it does not redirect to the user / thomas (to ultimate member plugin) because it gives me error.

Any solution? Thanks!

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