php and mysql wordpress hacks: woocommerce product vendors

Can anyone advise how Woocommerce Product Vendors saves it’s vendor information in mysql?

how do I relate the wp_termmeta meta_key=’vendor_data’ to the vendor id in some other table? It would be great if there was a resource somewhere that lays out how these plugins persist data as a flow chart, but any information you can provide will help. I am not installing phpmyadmin so my visibility into the tables is a little sub-optimal (select … limit 1 || mysqldump then text edit utilities/excel).

I need to get SQL query access to the Vendor profile pages so that I can export/import them somewhere else. I can get all of the products with, but I do not want to create all of the vendor profiles manually on site2, and I need to keep the vendor_id consistent. My attempts at importing from wp_termmeta so far has resulted in vendor profile text being assigned to the incorrect vendor in site2.

Also, I will likely ditch the plugin linked above for a similar stored procedure for the products, too, now that I found this: WooCommerce: Finding the products in database. I’m looking for a similar answer for WCPV vendor info. Thanks!

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