After doing some research, I’m still not clear as to fix my problem. Please let me know if I need to remove my question if it’s similar.

I am doing a content sharing website and it gives users the ability to have their own profiles. I got a plug in to also offer a forum for users to talk about things. Anyway, because of that, there are 2 profiles now for each user which sucks. But one is for the content sharing and one is for the forum. I’m not sure how to combine them and probably can’t. BUT, that isn’t my main concern. The forum profile has a “Message Me’ button on it where people can message the user privately. I want to put that button on the main profile. I am pretty good at figuring things out but this time I can’t really figure it out. I have a PHP file and it has this code in it:

public function add_message_button( $current_object ){

    if( isset($this->wpforo->current_userid) && isset($current_object['userid']) ){

        if( $this->wpforo->current_userid == $current_object['userid'] || $current_object['template'] == 'messages' ) return false;

        if( $this->wpforo->perm->usergroup_can('vwpm') ) {

            $url = $this->get_pm_url($current_object['userid']);

            echo '<div class="wpfpm-message-div"><a href="' . esc_url($url) . '" class="wpfpm-message-button wpf-button">'.wpforo_phrase('Send a Message', false).'</a></div>';




I’m pretty certain that’s the function I need. Now, I have an Ajax.js file, but am uncertain if it has what it needs in there.

my HTML button is: href="" class="wpfpm-message-button wpf-button">Send a Message