php open webpage based on query result

I am working on a project where i have WordPress web server with multiple personal pages based on a single template, each loaded with the Person Number and contains his personal information.

I also have a second table in the MySQL server that contains:

Person Name,Start number,End Number

Each label this person has, has a barcode with the Label Number

I need to: run the url with the label number, query the labels table and get the Person’s name and create a new url with the person’s name – and to display it.

A person , whose number is 50 has labels 1001 to 2000
one of the labels has a url of its number like (or however the syntax is…..)

i need to load the url (since 50 is the person whole label is 1500)

its like a simple query and returning a result in it you like.

I believe it shouldnt be too hard to implement, please help


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