PHP/Javascript generate and autodownload excel file

Hi so there are many topics about this, yet they are all 4-5 years old using PHPExcel that was not updated for 2 years now and it’s status is “Failing”. I am need this as a part of wordpress plugin.
There is also possibility to use just javascript but I had no luck there either. I found some that are able to create xls files, but they did not supported inserting of an image.

What I need to do:

  • can be any format that is openable via Excel and looks like excel
  • put image into excel-like file (this has to be included in the file)
  • get data from database and put them in there
  • Data that needs to be inserted into document may vary so they are not entirely representable as one table

This all happens when user pushes some button and it downloads. Now I know how to create button to trigger AJAX that do this action and gets my data, but I have no idea what library is currently usable for this.

Read more here: PHP/Javascript generate and autodownload excel file

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