Greetings to everyone.

Please I am a bit confused here, as I am a beginner with WordPress.

The issue is I want to create a form for the beauty academy section of a beauty website. This form is meant to be a form where the user will select a predefined options (according to their city and course type).

Once he or she submits the form, the form should filter her response and show her a specific page with info dedicated to that course in her city (A page is created for each city and the course available in that city, hence the result is a redirection to the URL of the corresponding page).


– texas
– Washington

– Makeup
– Eye Lash

page 1 – texas for makeup
page 2 – texas for eye lash
page 3 – Washington for makeup
page 4 – Washington for eye lash

Now the user selects:

city = texas
course = Makeup

Upon submission, the user should be redirected to:


Please I would really appreciate this.

I am not too familiar with codes and all tutorials online are not really easy to follow and understand.

(The website is still under maintenance)

Thanks a lot!

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