Plugin and icon not appearing in admin menu

I’m an administrator on my company’s WordPress site. They already have multiple plugins installed, some of which show up in the wp-admin menu.

I’ve just downloaded the WP Slick Carousel plugin and activated it, but for some reason it’s not appearing in my admin menu on the left side of the screen (it’s supposed to, according to the tutorials). I can access its settings through the Plugin menu, but it’s also supposed to have its own ‘Slick Slider’ menu item to actually make it usable. This is not appearing on the menu.

I’m listed as ‘Administrator’ under users and haven’t encountered any user restrictions thus far. Tried a cache refresh, still no luck. I activated a second carousel plugin to test, and it also did not appear in the menu as it should.

What could be the problem? Is it possibly theme related? I’m hoping this is not the case and there is some option I can tweak to make it appear.

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