Plugin for daily Linklist-Posts pulled from RSS-Feeds

back then when RSS was actually a thing, there were plenty of WP-Plugins pulling in Links from Delicious or Pinboard for a daily Digest of Bookmarks, like these: Postalicious or RSS Digest. Delicious even had an own solution for this back then.

Nowadays the only alternative I can find is WP Pocket, which is very Pocket-specific (duh) and not usable for my case, which would be:

Pull in the RSS-Feeds for certain Tags ( to create a weekly digest of all postings in this Tag. More specific: I post a whole lot of Musicvideos on my blog ( and I excluded a special Tag from the RSS-Feed, because the mass of postings would annoy readers who simply do not want to be overwhelmed by the Clips.

However, I’d like to present them a weekly digest and one could use this solution for other cases too, say, daily Linkposts from Pinboard-RSS-Feeds.

My Question would be: Do you know any suitable alternative for the Plugins mentioned above? I would be able to edit them on a beginner-level, but anything advanced would be beyond my skills.

Third-Party-Solutions like Zapier and IFTTT seem unfit for this specific task (automatic daily or regular Linklist-Postings on selfhosted WordPress-Sites), so before I eat my pants and do this stuff manually, I thought I give this question a shot.

Any ideas? Answers very appreciated, I’m searching for a solution for this for ages actually.

Read more here:: Plugin for daily Linklist-Posts pulled from RSS-Feeds

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