Plugin or other way to switch page in WordPress

I have a few pages in my wordpress website that I need to switch sometimes.

Precisely imagine a page that talks about Monday. The same page needs to talk about Tuesday just the day after.

But it’s the same page, with the same url, permalink whatever.

Now I use WP CLI.

You give a command like:

wp post update 1986 path

Where path is the path of the file that contains the html code that has to replace the existing one in page 1986.

So you have many files (one for Monday, one for Tuesday etc.) and every day you give the command above and your page gets replaced with the content from the file.

Is there a simpler way?

A plugin?

Do you know of any plugin that does this from the dashboard?

In my case it’s not exactly predictable. So, I can’t put it in crontab.

(Information about WP CLI:

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