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Can we create a custom post template for a specific page template

I am working in wordpress for the first time and the client had a requirement that we create a template which will be used for

get link to custom taxonomy for one custom post type when multiple CPT share the taxonomy

post_type-1 and post_type-2 share the same custom taxonomy. How do I generate a link to a page which shows all posts of post_type-1 in that

Events custom post type menu is not highlighted in wordpress

i’m using the event calendar plugin in my project. My custom post type menu is not highlighted when i go to that particular page i.e

Display images in attched gallery of custom post type

i have a custom post type-> events. I have a gallery page in which the featured image from a custom post is used as album

how to display images of custom post

i have a custom post type-> events. I have a gallery page in which the featured image from a custom post is used as album

Multiple post types on a grid (every nth post must be a specific post type)

I have a grid where I display multiple posts types. I need to lay out the grid making sure that I have 2 posts from

Can anyone tell the entire process of adding wordpress new user regisration and eable them to post on my site

I have a wordpress site and I want to add the feature of guest blogging in my site. I have also enabled new user reg

Unable to shoe recent custom post types in default recent posts widget

I have custom post type “books” and there are already ‘books’ added. However, I am unable to modify WP_Query to change Recent Posts widget. I

rewrite url for a single custom post on a multisite

I have a custom post type named ‘itineraries’ and its slug is being rewritten to ‘destination’ My urls to a single itinerary post look like

jquery slider not working in post body in wordpress

I have a jQuery slider and I want it to embed it in the body of the WordPress page, like this <div class=”container”> <div class=”main”>

How to add role to subsriber to delete post?

I am using a frontend post editing and deleting option in my theme . Right Now a subscriber can not delete a post. How can

How to change role of subscriber to allow them to delete a post? [on hold]

I am using a front-end post editing and deleting option in my theme. Right now a subscriber cannot delete a post. How can I change

Linking Images to Post Page from Categorized Gallery

I used the code from this thread to create a plugin that automatically makes a gallery out of images attached to posts with certain categories.

Post Name Permalinks broke Carousel of Images

I am using Carousel of Post images v. 1.05. It worked fine until I switched to Post Name Permalinks. Then it broke. I would appreciate

How to SQL query by post title in wordpress when title has an apostrophe

I’m creating a shortcode in wordpress where the user can use the post title or slug of a post to pull information from a post.

Sorting Custom Post Types, Taxonomy

I’m trying to sort a custom post type, using 2 taxonomies: Location and Unit – both are setup as categories. Inside of my location taxonomy

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