problem in the wysiwyg box in wordpress

the content of topic is showed in text part of wysiwyg

I am very confused with a very weird problem with my wordpress sites

some information about my website :

1 – the version of the wordpress i am using is wordpress ” wordpress 4.7.4-ar “

2 – my website is using the wild card

the problem :

i have just installed the wordpress and before doing anything ” before adding plugin .. themes .. etc ” i just tried to edit the topic ” hello world ” and when i open the topic I found that

1 – the title of the topic is loading probably

2 – the add media button is working good

but the problem is in the wysiwyg box as it doesn’t showing any content for me although there is a content and one more thing i noticed that the js files is not working good in the wp-admin

here is screen shots :

so please idea

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