Problem with deleting a “Page”

My developer/designer is being a problem and won’t tweek changes to my site… changes I can’t do myself because I don’t have FTP level ability (if that’s the word?). I can only make basic changes within the dashboard, like “deleting” and adding content, photo to existing “projects”.

I’m a newbie so bear with me.

My question is… If I delete an entire “page” (one listed on the Navi bar of my site) will that screw up any other pages on the navi bar or anthing else on the site?

This navi bar “page” I want to delete contains items and prices of things, but I don’t have ability to change pictures and prices myself. SO… I want to delete the entire page, then use an existing “project” (one of many that exists within a different page on the navi bar) to upload new images and prices. It’s a ghetto way to resolve the issue but the developer is ignoring me.

So, in summary, will deleting a navi-bar “page” result in anything other than removing it from the site? I don’t want to screw up anything.

Thanks. Hope I have explained myself well enough.

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