problem with post_rewrite_rules filter

I am using the post_rewrite_rules filter to rewrite the posts url to make the posts URLS like this instead of

First of all i applied the fulsh_funtion() to prepare my posts URLS

Then i applied the “post_rewrite_rules” filter in this way :

add_filter(‘post_rewrite_rules’, array( &$this, ‘filter_post_rewrite_rules’), 10, 1 );

public function filter_post_rewrite_rules( $post_rewrite ) {
            // this doesn't work
            /*$post_rewrite  = array(
                "$" => "index.php?pagename=" . $this->subdomain_post->post_name,
            $post_rewrite = array();
                            // so i tried this but still doesn't work too :()
            $post_rewrite = array();
            $post_rewrite["$this->subdomain_post->"] = "index.php?pagename=" . $this->subdomain_post->post_name;

        return $post_rewrite;

Any idea ?

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