Product Chooser for wordpress/woocommerce

I am wondering if anyone knows of a product chooser plugin or lightweight product chooser service for wordpress/woocommerce?

There are product chooser services out there like but after speaking to their acquisition team, this seems a little heavy weight (even the free version) for my clients use case. My client is a small health and beauty brand.

Zuvoo is more about narrowing down a large number of SKU’s, whereas my clients intention is a streamlined customer flow, this is not so much about narrowing down a product from a large list of SKU’s (as they only have 4 products with 3-4 variations at the moment), but more about creating an interesting and engaging conversion funnel (on the homepage in the form of a slider/widget).

Example: “Are you looking for pain relief” or “are you looking for skin treatments” -> “Do you need regular relief” or “is this acute” -> Suggest product.

We could make one bespoke, but for a small health brand with so few SKUs that seems even more heavy weight than zuvoo.

Thanks in advance!

Read more here:: Product Chooser for wordpress/woocommerce

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