Product order based on taxonomy and/or ACF field

I have some WooCommerce products with a brand taxonomy attached to each. I have created an ACF number field: Order by and assigned to both product post type and brand taxonomy.

I would like to alter the order of the products queried on for e.g. a category page (where there are products from different brands), based on the ACF Order by field’s value as follows:

Check the attached brand taxonomy’s Order by ACF value, and if it is not empty or 0, order by the given value ASC;
But if a product has it’s own Order ACF value filled (not empty or 0), than it should order by that instead of what is given by the attached brand taxonomy (also ASC);
Also, there should be a secondary order critera: post_title ASC.

I have no idea how to write a query for this, but a possible solution that came to my mind was querying the products based on the main criteria (for e.g. category), and than altering/ sorting the received array – but it would be awesome if someone could provide help on how to write the WP or MySQL query for this, without any additional processing. Thank you in advance.

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