qTranslate-X problem in anchoring

I used qTranslate-X for the website to create 2 language option.

Here is a movie with a problem I have with qTranslate-X: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_-Ruc6dJjA&feature=youtu.be

While I m getting on “Nederlands” language and want to go from the menu panel to business or any other tab, than qTranslate-X plug-in redirects me to the English version. While I m scrolling the webpage down than I see that everything is translated properly;

On the other hand on the English version everything works great.

PLEASE someone help me with this issue.


Beside that I have one sugestion, that it would be great to have only flag option or abbreviation of the country (without the full name next to it)

Read more here:: qTranslate-X problem in anchoring

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