Quarry crusher application in limestone line

Quarry is a place where stone and sand are mined and then transported to some other places to be crushed. A quarry is divided into underground quarry and open-pit quarry.The major quarry crusher used in a quarry include mining sieve, ore elevator machine, crushing machine and tertiary crushing machine. The crushing and tertiary crushing machine is mainly used for crushing the mineral ore into small-sized materials, and the mining sieve will be used for screening the small-sized materials into several types according to their sizes, and in addition, the materials with different sizes can be elevated by ore elevator machine to a higher place for being further processed.

Quarry crusher in Limestone line

In a quarry, the limestone is the main raw materials to be processed, so that limestone line is often used. The limestone line includes limestone crusher, vibrating screen, limestone sand maker and other supporting machines. Limestone is important as for quarry machine in China mining industry and Zenith is well received in both domestic and foreign market.

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