Question about anti spam

I am not exactly WP developer so maybe my question will sound silly but still

WP ver 4.3 (wp I not my and depend on many plugins so I do know if update it to latest version will broke all this a main reason why I can not do upgrade for now)
Anti Spam is Akismet Anti-Spam latest
Work ok block spam in most do his job but few months ago I start receiving email and it’s spam but spam looks like word press notification about new comment to review but it’s spam but it’s make title “Word press” and email address from where it’s was send looks like host email server like Payday Loans@ host
Inside is few links with same shit

Payday Loans

And comment with link
Express cash bla bla blya

So my question I do not see it in spam filter
So could it be sort of email bot harvest that get may email and push me email like WordPress comment notification
And how can I fix it.

Thanks in advance.
And please do forgive me if it’s kinda question was asked.

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