Redirect users in first login to a dynamic link

i’m using a gravityform user registration to handle registration processes , and i use gravityform custom post type + wp resume manger .. to let the user submit some fields in his resume within the registration process .. the user register, fill some fields , and these fields he put is mapped to his resume fields “not all of them” , the resume is just a post.

this above is just a brief about what i’m doing here

what i need is :

now the user is registered , and posted his resume and filed some of their fields .. i want to redirect him in the first login to his resume edit page to fill the rest of fields

this is the link :

http://my domain name/complete-your-resume(static-page)/?action=edit&resume_id=7038

i already know how to redirect users in first login ..
what i don’t how to do is 1- how to redirect them to “their” resume-post edit page
2- redirect them based in their role .. i want to redirect only users who have role X in the first login
3- if there a way to prevent them to navigate anywhere till they fill all fields and save the post/resume

i will highly appreciate any help of these points above.
thanks in advance

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