Redux Framework custom field

I’ve used the redux build to download the admin folder to include on a custom plugin.
Everything works OK.

I’m trying to create a custom field, using the custom_field bootstrap, but it’s not loaded.
I’ve put it on the extension folder, inside the admin folder, and then added this custom field to the section:

                        'id'        => 'opt-custom-field',
                        'type'      => 'custom_field',
                        'compiler'  => 'true',
                        'title'     => __('Example field', 'redux-framework-demo'),
                        'subtitle'  => __('Example field subtitle', 'redux-framework-demo'),

When i access to the Admin dashboard, only the title and subtitle shows up and nothing else that is printed in the render function inside the custom field class.

What might I be doing wrong?

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