remove incorrect favicon on web page

We recently transferred a completed website from Hostmonster to the domain we owned on GoDaddy. All went well and site is working properly. All favicons are showing correctly on all pages but just recently noticed ONLY when i click to “Configure Yoast SEO” does the Hostmonster favicon appear. Yoast support discovered the favicon.ico files showing up I guess as a default? or a holdover from previous hosting at Hostmonster. (They called it a bug that they’re working on.) Not sure why it’s still there but can you direct me how to delete it and, if necessary, replace it with the correct favicon that is showing on the rest of my site? (correct favicon) (incorrect favicon) see

I would like to use the RFG i have generated once i clean up the hm error and once i figure out how to use the RFG file to add them to my root directory. (Still trying to figure that part out yet 🙂
Thanks for any advice you can give me.

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