$data_rows = array();
         $row = array(
                        0 => get_the_title(), //Post Title
                        1 => get_the_content(), //Post Content
                        2 => $image[0], //Post Featured Image
                        3 => get_the_date(), //Post Date
                        4 => get_the_author(), //Post Author
                        5 => $post_categories, //Post Category
                        6 => $post_tag, //Post Tags
                        7 => get_post_status(), //Post Status
          $data_rows[] = $row;

right now this array fetching three columns in the format like……

Title – Content – Image – Date – Author Name – Category – Tag – Status

Now, i want to delete a single row data item “Title” by using key[0], how to do that. I used “unset()” also but didn’t find better result.

Read more here: remove multiple items from array


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