I’m very sorry for asking such a basic question, but I was desperate enough to sign up for stackoverflow after fighting for hours with this simple feeling problem. I’m bad at CSS and coding, so no wonder this happened. 🙂

The question:

What’s wrong with UL in the widget titled Suosituinta juuri nyt on https://poydalla.net/category/in-english/ ? On the front page, categories and blog posts it looks wrong, but on pages like https://poydalla.net/lautapelisuositukset/ it looks fine.

I tried comparing the CSS with the Inspect tool of Chrome, changing all the differences from the pages that were right to the ones that weren’t right.

On top of that, I’ve googled a lot and tried different combos of margins, paddings, line-heights, displays (inline, block, flex etc.) When the other ones are fine, pages are screwed up.

Please help me!

Read more here: Removing white space from UL in CSS – earlier CSS screwing it up [Wordpress]


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