Rendering visual composer shortcode in function

Hi I need to resolve this issue: i am using the visual composer plugin for wordpress but my shortcode is not rendering:

function footer_post_same_categories() {

global $post;
$post_categories = get_the_category_list( ',', '', $post->ID ); 

return do_shortcode ('[vc_basic_grid post_type="artiste" max_items="50" style="pagination" items_per_page="4" element_width="3" gap="15" orderby="title" arrows_design="vc_arrow-icon-arrow_01_left" arrows_position="outside" arrows_color="black" paging_color="black" loop="yes" item="700" grid_id="vc_gid:1492134743985-ab513db2-a7db-10" taxonomies="'.$post_categories.'"]');
//echo $post_categories;


add_shortcode("user_footer_same_categories", "footer_post_same_categories");

THE RESULT : {“status”:”Nothing found”}

Thanks for your help

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