Request for guidelines on API integration in WordPress

Hello everyone in the Stack Overflow community,

Before I give my detailed explanation of what I would like to know, I thought it would be useful to start with some key points which you can use to determine whether you want to stick around or not:

  • Skyscanner API (NOT Whitelabel)
  • WordPress self-hosted website
  • User input > API input > API output > Calculations > Tailored output to user.
  • Guidelines for beginner.

Sounds like you can contribute? Great! Let’s go more into detail…

So basically, I have an idea. It’s to offer an alternative way to look for travel options, different from conventional ways of booking a ticket.
Why? It came up in my head, it sounded like a good concept, and it presents a challenge which allows me to learn in the field of building a website and coding. That last part is what I write to you about.

I have done my research and I have a few things at hand already. These are:

  • Skyscanner API key
  • A self-hosted website

What remains unclear to me at this point, is specifically how to integrate the two. I understand the website can request information (quotes, destinations, carriers, etc.) through the API, and receives them through the API.

  • What (coding) language do they speak in to each other?
  • Is this even technically possible on the platform?
  • Where do I start, and what would be the logical steps in such a project?

Yes, this is quite a broad question, and no I am not asking you to do it for me. I simply need some guidelines to apply structure and logic to this project.

Any useful input is greatly appreciated!
Thanks, Dom

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