REST-API setup for 2 WordPress sites

I have two WordPress Websites:

(1) Is a login-only “backend” site where contractors can login an enter data about their company.
(2) Is a front-end site where visitors can fill out a form and receive a proposal from a contractor.

I want to list my contractors from (1) on (2) and show a yelp-like profile.

What is the best way to do this?

My current plan looks like that:

If a contractor gets registered on (1) an action hooks in and creates a “contractor” post on (2). This post holds the user-ID of the contractor in (1).

If visitors on (2) visit that contractor post then the current data gets pulled from (1) via REST-API GET. The user meta-data gets pulled via the user-ID.

Is that a good way to do it?
Would it be better to alternatively POST all profile data from (1) to (2) – not only the user-ID – on each user-data edit? That way (2) would not have to pull data from (1) each time.

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