Retrieve value from a field outside a repeater loop

I am setting up a carousel using the Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin. This carousel is being set up inside a flexible content.

I’ve created a “block_id” field in order for the user to assign an ID to that specific block that is being created. Inside of it, there is a repeater field in which image slides will be loaded.

The problem is that due to the nature of the carousel, I need to pass this “block_id” variable inside the repeater field. However, when doing this, I get a variable not defined since most likely the ACF repeater field will only read variables inside of it. Is there a way using PHP that I can pass this variable no matter if it’s outside the repeater loop?

Here is my current code:


$block_id = get_sub_field('block_id'); 


<section <?php block_id(); ?> class="hero carousel slide carousel-fade" data-ride="carousel" data-interval="7000" data-pause="false">

<!-- Start slides -->

<?php if( have_rows('slide') ): ?>

      <ol class="carousel-indicators">

        <?php while ( have_rows('slide') ) : the_row(); ?>

          <li data-target="#<?php echo $block_id; ?>" data-slide-to="<?=$indicatorCount?>" class="<?php echo ($indicatorCount==0) ? "active" : "" ?>"></li>

        <?php endwhile; ?>

      </ol> <!-- /.carousel-indicators --> 

    <div class="carousel-inner">  

        <?php while ( have_rows('slide') ) : the_row(); ?>

            <div class="item">


        <?php endwhile;?>

    </div> <!-- .carousel-inner -->

<?php endif; ?>

<!-- End slides -->

</section> <!-- section -->

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