Right way plugin development

I’m building a e-commerce site with Wordpres and Woocommerce, and have a doubt in the way I should do some feature I want. So I would like to know if the way I think resolve it seems ok, or if I’ll lose my time ^^ I explain :

This is the result I want :

1/ I’m on a product page, and add the product to cart
2/ After clicking the add to cart button, I need a pop up or a page with a specific form to have informations about the customer
3/Then in the cart, the informations appears in the product line

For doing this, I’ll think I can do the following

1/Creating a custom plugin that change the action of the “add to cart” button
2/Create a new table in database to store the result of the form
3/Insert in the cart page the results I have in the database.

Do you think is the good way to proceed, or I’m totaly wrong ?

Thank for the help, and sorry for my english!

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