Scroll trembling and active menu

have a little problem here, will be grateful for your help!

I used scrollify.js on wordpress site –

The WordPress has Jupiter theme installed. So there are the questions:

1) When i scroll my website I see page trembling – on scrollify.js demos there’s not. I guess it’s because of a complicated Jupiter layout or there is another reason?

2) The most important thing. I need my stick menu link to be active while I scroll the page. I tried to achieve it in different methods, but i think that it’s something wrong with my scrollify.js setup.

Here it is:

$(function() {
        //sectionName: true,
        standardScrollElements: ".mk-header-holder ",
        interstitialSection: ".mk-header-holder",
        overflowScroll : false,


Will be grateful for your help!

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