Searching for PDF navigation solution for comicbooks

Can someone suggest me a plugin/solution that could replace Comic Easel plugin, that could:

generate comic reader for PDF file
make each file appear as a separate page (without need of embeding it on a page)
allow me to add custom metadata for each file and call it in my template
allow me to loop through files like through articles (to generate page with comic previews like in my current version)

I accept any solution, hard or easy. The only thing I need it to have is easy way to add new comicbook by just having it’s PDF file. My current setup (Like whole website) is a mess and I need to start some cleaning :/

I need to remove Comic Easel from my website, because it’s structure forces me to upload each page of the comicbook separately, and I host PDFs of them anyway, so it’s really waste of space.
This is how it looks now, with Comic Easel (in polish): My current comicbook gallery

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