I have a problem concerning my WP Search. A while ago I set up a Theme called “Movie_db”. The reason I chose that theme was the already existing variety of Costum Taxonomy Terms. Exactly what I need!

I started to add some content and ran the first “search-tests”, as I realized, that the default WP-Search does not search fpr custom taxonomy terms. Since I really need this function I started searching for a simple solution to make post-metadata searchable. So I decided to install the “Search Everything” plugin. But still, most of the terms where not searchable.

I did some further tests and realized that out of many Taxonomy Categories, the search only finds posts related to terms of one single Taxonomy Category (Movie Genres). I did some more research and found out, that in the SQL Database, the wp_term_relationships also only includes objects related to terms of the Teaxonomy Category “Movie Genres”.

Could someone please help me find out, what the Mistake here could possibly be? (I did not change the Php’s of the theme)


Read more here: Searching for Taxonomy Terms in WordPress not working because of missing relationships


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