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I’ve created a click to copy function so that users can click a button to copy the text content of another element. I’ve set this up so users can copy their serial number (which is generated dynamically from a shortcode – in WordPress).

I had this working where the target container (that contains the text to be copied) was #copyTarget2 and the trigger button was #copyButton2. I then had this Javascript that was working:

document.getElementById("copyButton2").addEventListener("click", function() {
    copyToClipboardMsg(document.getElementById("copyTarget2"), "msg");

document.getElementById("pasteTarget").addEventListener("mousedown", function() {
    this.value = "";

function copyToClipboardMsg(elem, msgElem) {
      var succeed = copyToClipboard(elem);
    var msg;
    if (!succeed) {
        msg = "Copy not supported or blocked.  Press Ctrl+c to copy."
    } else {
        msg = "Text copied to the clipboard."
    if (typeof msgElem === "string") {
        msgElem = document.getElementById(msgElem);
    msgElem.innerHTML = msg;
    setTimeout(function() {
        msgElem.innerHTML = "";
    }, 2000);

function copyToClipboard(elem) {
      // create hidden text element, if it doesn't already exist
    var targetId = "_hiddenCopyText_";
    var isInput = elem.tagName === "INPUT" || elem.tagName === "TEXTAREA";
    var origSelectionStart, origSelectionEnd;
    if (isInput) {
        // can just use the original source element for the selection and copy
        target = elem;
        origSelectionStart = elem.selectionStart;
        origSelectionEnd = elem.selectionEnd;
    } else {
        // must use a temporary form element for the selection and copy
        target = document.getElementById(targetId);
        if (!target) {
            var target = document.createElement("textarea");
   = "absolute";
   = "-9999px";
   = "0";
   = targetId;
        target.textContent = elem.textContent;
    // select the content
    var currentFocus = document.activeElement;
    target.setSelectionRange(0, target.value.length);

    // copy the selection
    var succeed;
    try {
          succeed = document.execCommand("copy");
    } catch(e) {
        succeed = false;
    // restore original focus
    if (currentFocus && typeof currentFocus.focus === "function") {

    if (isInput) {
        // restore prior selection
        elem.setSelectionRange(origSelectionStart, origSelectionEnd);
    } else {
        // clear temporary content
        target.textContent = "";
    return succeed;

But now I’ve had to adjust the html so that I can dynamically display a ‘NO VALID SERIAL NUMBER’ message for any users who don’t have an active serial number. This has meant that the element containing the text is different and is a child element of #copyTarget2.

What I need to know is:

Using the following screenshot from Console can anyone tell me the best way to keep the copy functionality and select the input container inside #copyTarget2?

I have already tried #copyTarget2 input, #copyTarget2.input to no avail.

Please bare in mind that my JS is using GetElementbyID() so simply replacing #copytarget2 with input[type="text"] won’t work either.

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