Set domain for specific pages

I have a domain which is my primary WordPress site. I also have a short URL, examp.le, pointing to the same root. Currently, the behaviour is as below:

going to either or examp.le/page1 will load and display the same content, with the appropriate domain displaying in the address bar.
all links within that page are absolute links to
all generated links to that page from other pages use

The first two of those are great and exactly the behaviour I desire. What I’d like though, is to be able to have a few specific pages where examp.le is the primary domain for that page for generated links. Effectively, I’d really like to have a dropdown box so I can select the domain in the permalink field for a page.

I can sort of achieve the right result by adding a rewrite rule in .htaccess to redirect those pages to the other domain. That means my visitors end up at examp.le/page1, but they’re still presented with a link to

Is there any kind of plugin that can achieve this? I’ve tried a few multiple domain plugins, but most seem to be either to redirect examp.le to, or to change all links to use HTTP_HOST so they match the landing domain. I just want to change all links to to examp.le/page1

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