More of a “best practices” type question than a code one, but I’m currently stuck deciding how should I handle some custom post types. I have a couple different ones, but I’ll just focus on a “product” post type for the sake of the question.

Should I use an archive page to list my products? Or, should I use a real page, just adding extra code to page.php?

In favor of archive pages, they’re created automatically, they take up less unneeded space, and they’ll reduce the bloat needed on page.php. For real pages, I have far more control, they’re real pages – meaning they have ids, page objects, etc – and they’re easy to reference, especially in places like header navigation.

I’m open to both, and if it were up to me, I’d probably go for real pages, but I’m designing for a client, and archive pages are probably easier for them.


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