Silo Structure; Can a home page link to a Post (Tier 3 page)?

I have some questions about the silo structure that I was hoping someone might be able to help me with. I am looking to build a WordPress Silo site, ideally by using a reliable plugin (though at present I’m not sure which one to use).

I have looked at some diagrams demonstrating how the link structure works, and it doesn’t look like the home page (Tier 1) should be linking to Tier 3, 4, 5 pages (like ordinary blog posts) in all/multiple Silo sections.

Q1. While looking for suitable WP Themes for my silo site, there are some nice looking magazine-style themes, but the home page (Tier 1) has links to the latest posts (Tier 3 or 4) in multiple categories/silos, not just the main silo pages (Tier 2). Will this mess up the silo structure?

Q2. Can a regular Post (inside a silo) link to a Page that is not assigned to a silo, like “Contact us”, “Privacy Policy” or “About”?

Q3. If a silo plugin turns Categories into Silos, then presumably all posts/pages assigned to multiple Categories will have to be re-assigned to just one Category, so as not to break up the silo structure. Is this correct?

Thanks for reading – I’d appreciate any feedback.

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