Single Template that can be applied only via URL

We want to test different landing pages to display only certain parts of a specific Custom Post Type’s content metadata so I need to create templates that are used only when specifically crafted URLs are clicked on, that will not be linked to anywhere from the website.

I am not looking to change the default WP behavior for loading single pages (the current various single-cpt.php templates) because we want all current behavior to remain the same for anyone on the site who clicks on various links – the new landing pages will be linked to from other sites so if the site visitor clicks on one of those off-site links I want to be able to serve them up the content using a specific (single) template file.

I could, in theory, just create new Posts for those landing pages but that means that if the content changes now I have TWO Posts to update or risk incorrect content being displayed, so I want to avoid that by having the same content called by both the normal template and the new ‘landing’ template.

I’ve done a lot of research into using various templates for custom post types and taxonomies and the idea of adding yet another term (this particular CPT has a Custom Taxonomy also setup with a number of terms in use) and can get as far as a custom taxonomy archive-style template that works, but not a single template that I can get to work without interfering with normal behavior.

I’m open to any/all suggestions!

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