We moved the site to HTTPS recently (for the most part following this guide: https://www.bram.us/2014/12/06/migrating-your-wordpress-website-from-http-to-https/ )

Now, most things are working perfectly – with the site loading as HTTPS and having the green icon on most pages. (The site name has been updated to reference the change.)

But all of the permalinks (at the top of editing page/post) still show as http. Add with a password protected page, entering the password isn’t loading as it’s still trying to access it via http.

I’ve changed the link to HTTPS in:

  • Settings>general
  • in wp-config.php:define (‘WP_HOME’,’https://example.org.uk‘); same for WP_SITEURL

  • In PHPMyAdmin (changed under siteurl and home in the wp_options table)

Why might this be, and what can I do to alter it?

Read more here: Site moved to HTTPS and loads as HTTPS but permalinks show as http


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