Sites that react strangely to mouse wheel events: how and/or why?

I use a Mac laptop with a trackpad, and I constantly two-finger-drag while using websites. Apple and/or Chrome have the ballistics set just right, so that I can quickly and easily zip to the right place in a long page.

However, there are some websites where the behavior is really problematic, where a drag doesn’t move me as far as I expect, but a slightly longer drag sends me sliding halfway down the page, continuing to accelerate even after I’ve removed my fingers from the trackpad. It’s so wrong it almost makes me seasick.

An example is the Astrobytes blog, which is centered around a single, long, scrolling page. My guess is that these sites are trying to implement their own scroll wheel ballistics, where a user with a physical wheel on top of a mouse might enjoy better navigation than he can usually get. I can’t say whether it truly improves physical mouse wheel navigation, but it sure as heck makes Mac trackpads worse. When I try the same site on a friend’s Windows-based Acer machine with trackpad, it’s better, but still moves too far with quick motions.

I’m pretty sure these sites are somehow all using the same tool; there’s no way multiple people would independently come up with such strange behavior.

Here’s the question: how is this done with WordPress? Is it a WordPress setting, or an installed plugin? I certainly don’t want to use it myself, but I’d love to know how to suggest to sites that they not implement this (IMHO) really annoying behavior.

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