Slider Revolution + BarbaJS

I’m trying to get Slider Revolution sliders to reinitialize within BarbaJS.

I’m currently setting up functions originally notated by ThemePunch’s documentation:

// RevSlider
function getCurrentSliderAPI() {
var slider = jQuery(‘.rev_slider’);
if(!slider.length) return false;
return eval(‘revapi’ + slider.attr(‘id’).split(‘rev_slider_’)[1].split(‘_’)[0]);
// Start RevSlider
function startSlider() {
var revapi = getCurrentSliderAPI();
if(revapi) {
console.log(‘Slider ‘ + revapi + ‘ started.’);
// Kill RevSlider
function killSlider() {
var revapi = getCurrentSliderAPI();
if(revapi) {
console.log(‘Slider ‘ + revapi + ‘ killed.’);
revapi = null;

The getCurrentSliderAPI function seems to have issues. I set console logs in order to make sure that function is actually working in the other two functions, to no avail.

Any help in getting the Revolution Slider to initialize on page transitions would be very helpful. Thanks.

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