Some Images Disappeared from Media Library?

I am missing some of my images in my Media Library on my site. When I go and look in the Media Library it shows where the images used to be with a blank thumbnail and if I try to view those images it takes me to a 404 page.

This only happened for a few images and most are still their and viewable, but others are not. I can’t seem to figure out what caused these images to do this and what pathways I have to get them back?

If more information is needed I can add it when asked, thanks!

UPDATE: I ran the regenerate thumbnails plugin to see if that would solve it, but when it was running it would give me this message for the broken images:

“Skipped Attachment ID 1676 (R_151023): The fullsize image file cannot be found in your uploads directory at 2015/10/R_151023.jpg. Without it, new thumbnail images can’t be generated.”

EDIT: I also recently migrated my website to a new hosting provider

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