Spam <link rel="bookmark" links added to top of HTML in WordPress

I’m having some weird links added to the top of my site which are clearly very spammy – all links to rolex and ‘Replica watches’ and I have no idea where they are coming from … I’ve spent hours trying to remove them with no joy so I’m hoping one of you might be able to shed some light on the situation and suggest something I haven’t tried – I’d like to figure out how this has happened to me, report whoever / whatever is responsible and stop it happening to others…

It’s a WordPress site and luckily this is not a live site and is just a work in progress so I can rip this thing apart as much as I like – however no matter what I do I just can’t get rid of these links.

Here’s what is being added to my pages – I’ve changed the link URLS here to ensure no one accidentally clicks on them as I’m sure they’re not the most trust worthy of sites – but here is what is added to the top of my site above the doctype

<link rel="bookmark" href=""     title="swiss replica watches">
<link rel="bookmark" href=""  title="rolex replica uk">
<link rel="bookmark" href=""  title="rolex replica">
<link rel="bookmark" href=""  title="replica watches uk">

Here’s what I’ve tried;

  • Disabling all of the plugings
  • Deleting out various files … header file, footer file etc
  • Deleting whole folders – js folder etc
  • Changing the theme
  • Deleting all of the themes from the server, downloading a new one and activating
  • Downloading everything from the server and searching for ‘rolex’ or ‘replica’ on my local machine
  • Searching for the phrase ‘rolex’ or ‘replica’ via phpMyAdmin to see if I can find a match for either word in the sites database – none found

All of these actions still resulted in these links being at the top of the page …

One thing that didn’t have these links added was just uploading a static ‘hello World’ HTML file – this didn’t have the links added so I assume that does mean these links are somehow added via WordPress…

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