let say I want to build site in WP. Something like classified adds site or real estate site, or travel destination offers etc. So, the main features of such sites are a lot of query trough data base, many query forms etc. So what I need is:

  1. Form for a user who SELLS a house. That is the form user should fill in, for example, if he wants to sell a house. That form should consist of filters that define the location, price, how old the house is, his telephone number, e-mail address, etc. And everything is open for the user to fill in. That data then go into data base.

  2. Then I need a form – a query filter search form for the users who want to BUY a house. That form should be a query filter search form that takes data FROM the base, and only the posts fit in into description set up by the form parameters should be displayed.

How would you solve the problem? What plugins would you use? Is there anybody with experience already in creating that kind of site?
Thenks a lot for understanding!

Read more here: strategy in creating real estate wp site or any other with queries ?


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