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jetpack infinite scroll & ajax loaded page

I am using “jquery mobile” with my wordpress theme… The jquery mobile uses ajax by default to load pages… When a pages loads (with ajax)

Woocommerce & on scroll javascript conflict

I’m using a feature for when the user scrolls my navigation bar changes CSS. It works fine until I install woocommerce plugin using the canvas

How can I display products & subcategories along side each other?

Slightly complicated problem. I have parent categories which all have sub categories. When on the parent category page I want to display all the sub

WP Custom Post type & Taxonomy url structure

So, I have a CPT named: Sport and a taxonomy named: sport_types; I a want an url structure like this: /sports/ <- archive-sport /sports/karate <-

How to Add HTML & Javascript to WordPress Shortcode?

I have a snippet of HTML that I would like to make into a WordPress shortcode. This is the snippet. <div class="small-12 large-7 columns"> <article

WordPress plugin grab & save

I am doing little modification to wordpress plugin Grab & save written by Lim Kai Yang, and I already asked on wordpress plugins forum

passing ‘&’ in return function of add_filter

I have below line in my return function of add_filter in wordpress. 'url='+url+'&un=0&pretty=1&mega=0&click=true', but in content page of view source, it is available as :-

Special & simple ideas for sentence tokenizer and store meta information about tokens in database

I’m building a web application of language processor. Here I store quotes & stories in database. then I assaign corresponding meta info of tokens in

Mysql error 1093: How to delete wordpress users with no posts & no comments, is not an admin and registered in year 2013 and older

I have this code that works properly and displays the output that I want. SELECT * FROM wp_users WHERE ID NOT IN ( SELECT post_author

WordPress & Download Monitor – "Your download will begin in x seconds"

i’d like to redirect users, after clicking the download button of a file, to a “Your download will begin in x seconds” page like this.

Custom Post Type List View Column Height & Width

I created a custom post type for creating different type of charts in wordpress. And created a list view column to preview the chart created

conditionally load javascript & CSS for do_action() calls from plugin

I am developing a plugin and using do_action() instead of shortcodes to display plugin content on the site. The plugin will only be used by

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