text and editable images for a client?

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I’m creating a website for a business in my city (free) and it’s the first time I’ve done a wordpress project (I’ve been front-end for a few months).
I’m using the underscore theme and I’ve created home.php that looks like this:

Now, what if the business owner wants to change the 2nd image or the third text? I understand that it is easy to do it with the header image, menus, widgets with the wordpress tutorials. But what about each element of a page? I have created home.php in the core, but it clearly does not appear in the “pages” section, the best way is to create it as a page in the dashboard? or there is a way for the client to change it through the “appearance” section as the header image.

I know that if it’s for me, I just do everything in the core, but I can not understand what is the best way for a client, also the reality that being able to edit it in “appearance” probably takes double the development time and the price It will be much higher when I get paid for the work.

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