I created a WordPress website. Spent a couple of weeks to customized its CSS, PHP, Posts, uploading images, etc to be the how I wanted.
BUT when I uploaded it to the server, all of my settings I have created were lost and went to default itself.

The way I uploaded it:

  1. uploaded .htacces to public_html
  2. uploaded the wordpress directory contents to the same folder
  3. exported the .sql database from local phpMyAdmin
  4. replaced all localhost/mysite/wordpress and localhost:8012/mysite/wordpress to www.mysite.com (the port is
    specified because there was a problem with apache, so I had to
    configure it)
  5. created a database in cpanel
  6. created a user in cpanel
  7. in phpMyAdmin on server imported the database

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Read more here: The entire wordpress theme reset to default after uploaded to live


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